Workshops at your school-site

Dr. Medina conducts on-site workshops for schools and districts. Workshops actively involve all participants by getting them up and out of their chairs. In some cases, they even dance !  Since she is an ESL methodologist, workshop topics focus on a wide variety of ESL teaching topics.

All of the teaching activities that are presented will motivate ESL learners and speed up the process of acquiring English. All workshops are –

* Hands-on, interactive

* Fun, yet informative

* Full of new and exciting teaching ideas. Workshop participants will leave with a handout containing activities that are ready for immediate use.

Here is a partial list of possible topics your school, district or organization may be interested in.

Workshop Topics

  • Fast, Fabulous and Successful – Strategies for Teaching English Through Music

In this interactive workshop, experience numerous musical “communicative activities” that will help your students practice English in a fun-filled way. Learn hands-on musical activities that successfully develop vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Presentations may be designed to focus on one or more skill areas, depending on the needs of the school or organization.

What teachers said  about the workshop –

Dr.Medina has a truly unique way of teaching a second language. You don’t even know that you are teaching. It is just so much fun !

J. S. – Red Bluff Joint Union HIgh School District

Many thanks for your inspiring and useful workshop. Its great to get practical ideas on how to infuse the wonderful world of music into ESL instruction. Very important !

D.G. – Soka University of America

This workshop provided a wonderful and useful wealth of information. I only wish it was longer.

L.R. University of Las Vegas

  • Grammar-Specific Communicative Activities

Learn fun and exciting communicative activities that will get your students talking and actively using grammar in meaningful ways. Activities pull from a variety of areas including art, drama, music, humor and games. Using these activities is exciting for teachers as well since no two groups of students respond the same to these fun activities.

  • Using Drama in the ESL Classroom
  • Teachers will learn new and experience first-hand numerous innovative communicative drama-based activities which will help students develop their English communication skills.

  • What’s So Funny ? Using Humor to Teach ESL
  • Humor  has been documented to be a powerful language acquisition tool. In this workshop, teachers will experience hands-on humorous activities that will motivate ESL learners and help them practice using English.

  • Using Games in the ESL Classroom
  • Games provide another powerful means of helping learners practice English. Learn fresh ways to use games to increase student communication and interaction in the ESL classroom. Game workshops may focus on one or more areas (e.g., vocabulary, grammar, conversation).

  • Lessons that Sizzle
  • For many teachers of English, a lesson design is merely a list of intended events. However, the design of a lesson can “make or break” instruction. Learn how to design lessons that produce dramatic results every time.

  • Hit or miss ? : Selecting the Right texts
  • Selecting texts (and other materials) can be tricky. Instead of relying on the “hit and miss” approach, learn how to select the text that fits your specific needs. Furthermore, learn how to modify text lessons so that it achieves your instructional goals without disappointment.

    In this informative, yet interactive workshop, participants will learn and experience the type of instruction that results when the right (versus the wrong) text is selected.

    This workshop is a “must” for instructors on text selection committees and district textbook coordinators.You will learn how to save your department, school or district money and avoid being faulted for selecting the wrong materials.

  • Custom Topics
  • Other topics are available as well. Simply send  an e-mail to the address below to inquire about topics that not listed above.

Workshops may also be custom-made and designed to deal with your group’s  special needs.

Cost –  Honorarium costs vary depending upon the length of the workshop.   There is no additional cost for workshops that are tailored to your particular needs.

Contact – For additional information, please send an e-mail to –