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15 Jan

Why Music ?

Using music in the ESL classroom is certainly  “fun.” Yet, the primary reason that I advocate its use is that it is pedagogically sound. Music can accelerate the process of acquiring English.

Speeding up the process of acquiring English is certainly important, as pointed out by a recent report.  Research conducted by the National Center for Research on Evaluation Standards and Student Testing, based at UCLA,recently found that English language learners who were reclassified as being fluent in English in the early grades (e.g., second grade) were less inclined to drop out of high school than older English language learners.  Some English learners are reclassified late in their school careers because they enter school as older learners or take longer to acquire English. In either case, there is a definite need to identify ways of accelerate the process of learning English in order to avoid a mounting dropout rate.

According to the research, there is reason to believe that music succeeds at speeding up the process of acquiring a second language. It has the additional benefit of being enjoyable for learners and teachers.

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