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Research & Literature

The Effect of Music on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition (FLES)
This article, printed in the FLES Newsletter, summarizes findings from a research investigation which studied the impact of music upon vocabulary acquisition in a group of limited-English-speaking children.

The Effects of Music Upon Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition (ERIC):

This article, listed in the ERIC database, is a more detailed account of the research investigation described in the FLES article above. Retrieved fromĀ

Using Music to Enhance Second Language Acquisition: From Theory to Practice:

This article describes theoretical and research support for using music for second language instructional purposes. Then it illustrates how the findings from one research investigation can be put into practice.

The Impact of Rhythm on Verbal Memory

According to the research literature, rote memorization is enhanced when information is presented rhythmically. This paper reviews the research literature on this topic.

Articles on Classroom Application

Songs + Techniques = Enhanced Language Acquisition:

This article points to the importance of using sound pedagogical practices when taping the resources of music. To illustrate this point, five sample music-ESL strategies are describe

Acquiring Vocabulary Through Story-Songs:

This paper briefly outlines research-based techniques which teachers can use to maximize the effects of music when utilizing story songs in the ESL classroom. This is most relevant to the instruction of English to small children.

Songbooks and CDs

This is a short annotated bibliography of songbooks and CDs which can be helpful for educators younger English language learners.