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Our mission is simple:
To rapidly transform non-English speakers into proficient users of English.

Whether students are pre-kindergarten immigrants or university educated foreign students, their language needs are very real and equally urgent. Instruction needs to produce results sooner rather than later. Our materials address this important need by taking a unique approach. 

(1) The Dominant Role of Research 

For us, research-based is not a buzz word or an afterthought. Instead, research is at the core of everything we do.  It plays a dominant role in the development of our products from beginning to end.

(2) Instructional Design Principles

We begin the process of creating materials by using research-based principles from the discipline of instructional design.  Using these principles, we create a framework that will succeed at producing the intended results. We do not hope that students will learn. We know that they will learn.

(3) A Non-traditional Approach 

The teaching strategies and techniques which are infused in our design framework are also research-based. Yet, we look beyond the research on more traditional techniques to the non-traditional ones, namely the arts. 

According to the research, the arts (e.g., music, drama, art), are capable of accelerating the language-learning process. We have conducted our own research and understand the intricacies of these vehicles. Our materials maximize language learning by taping the potential of these non-traditional vehicles. Outwardly, the resulting materials may appear to be of value for their ability to entertain, however, this is deceiving.  Underlying these materials is a firm design and research foundation. And these bring about results which exceed those achieved by more traditional means.  

By using this unique approach, we are able to produce language-learning materials that accelerate the language learning process and rapidly transform non-English speakers into proficient users of English.  





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